Incident ManagementGet alerted when things go wrong

With StackScout, you don't need to worry about missing your server's resource usage spiking, or even the host going offline. Set up alert conditions and notification channels using our range of integrations, and learn about any problems as soon as they happen.

StackScout Notification Channels Screenshot
StackScout Notification Channels

Notification ChannelsControl where the alerts are sent

Notification channels provide fast and consistent ways for the right personnel to be notified about incidents. Add email addresses or mobile phone numbers, or use one of StackScout's integrations, like Slack or PagerDuty.

StackScout Alert Policies

Alert PoliciesComprehensive alerting solution

Set up conditions when you want to be notified, like when a server goes down, or resource usage crosses a threshold. You can target specific servers or tags, and specify custom rules to reduce the notification fatigue.

Incident details at a glance

IncidentsAll incident details at a glance

When things go wrong, you want to have full visibility into what happened.

Incident timeline

TimelineIncident history and audit trail

View a full history of the incident, from the moment it was opened until it is fully resolved. Every change is recorded, alongside the user and the timestamp.

StackScout gives you a 24/7 insight into the state of your servers. Start your free trial now.

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