Slack integration

August 31, 2021
StackScout Slack Notification Example

One of our goals building StackScout is to make sure the platform works with all the tooling that you may already be using. Today we’re announcing Slack integration, which will allow you to route any notifications for alert policy breaches, as well as subsequent recoveries.

In order to get started, create a new notification channel, select Slack at the channel type and provide a URL (which you can get by adding Incoming Webhook integration for your Slack organization) and the Slack channel which StackScout should send the notifications to.

Other bug fixes and tweaks

  • added missing Digital Ocean icon to the server details screen

  • fixed an issue with the tags filter not allowing single tag to be selected

  • fixed an bug occurring on Safari which prevented users from uploading a private key in the automatic monitoring agent installation process

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